• Any creative content can be entered in the contest, both functional and artistic forms are welcome
  • The content you bring does not have to be created by you. Your build can be a combination of anything at all that you have found here in SL
  • Adult content will not be allowed at our first Burning Sim competition, but future Burns may have different content guidelines
  • Terraforming will not be allowed, but all other permissions are granted to all participants on their parcel
  • You and your team will be given tags to enter the private sim for 30 days, and when you create, you will meet others doing the same…..what a great picture that paints, we don’t have ban lines here
  • Participants can post on a designated sign, within their parcel, a link to their inworld store, or gallery, etc, but no sales of any items can occur on Burning Sim
  • On the last day of the contest, after voting is complete, (7 days of open voting) participants are encouraged to do a one time gift of any of their items to visitors
  • All content remaining after the last day of gifting should be removed by the creator after we close that evening…leave no trace behind..
  • Schedule below:
  • Contestants need to enter the contest prior to the 15th of August.
    • The sim will belong to those six builders and their teams, each building on their own parcels for 30 days.
    • September 19th we open to the public for a full week of voting. The favorite build will win the sim for a full month after vote week!
    • On the last day we welcome in our new builders and begin the joyful process again!

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